2018 Film Fundees and Award Recipients:

The Sadie Katz Award: Greg Thompson, Becoming Marilyn


U.S. Special Jury Award: The Girl And The Picture

International Special Jury Award: Thea

U.S. Short Winner: Lotte That Silhouette Girl

International Short Winner: Black Mambas



U.S. Special Jury Award: Church & State

International Special Jury Award: To Valhalla

U.S. Feature Winner: Manry At Sea

International Feature Winner: My Life Without Air

Audience Favorite Short: On My Way Out: The Secret Life Of Nani And Popi

Audience Favorite Feature: The Push

Film Fund Pitch Winners, split between 3 film projects, $6,500 each to:

Lights, Camera, Uganda



Congratulations to all from your AmDocs Team



​Seeing The Bigger Picture Award- LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner

Rozene Supple Humanitarian Award:  George Takei