Trailers - Documentary Features

A sampling of trailers for many of our documentary feature films, from Perfect Strangers thru Women On The Land.

Perfect Strangers

USA / Jan Krawitz

A Place Of Truth

USA / Barrett Rudich

Rebels With A Cause

USA / Nancy Kelly

Running Wild

USA / Suzanne Mitchell

Searching For Bill

Denmark / Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Seeds Of Hope

USA / Josh Rothstein


USA / Paul Lazarus

Sometimes I Dream I'm Flying

Poland / Aneta Popiel-Machnicka

Super Women

Israel / Yael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky

Tell It On The Mountain

USA / Lisa Diener & Shaun Carrigan

Urban Fruit

USA, Germany / Roman Zenz

The Transparentsea Voyage

USA / Justin Krumb

The Waltz (El Vals De Los Inutiles)

Chile / Edison Cájas

Untold History Of The United States

USA / Oliver Stone

Women On The Land

USA / Carmen Goodyear & Laurie York