Our 2017 AmDocs Donors

A major film festival, like ours here at AmDocs, can only thrive through help from our loyal sponsors and donors.  So much time and effort goes into the planning, organization, and implementation of an event of this magnitude that we could never do it alone.


We are proud to have the support of numerous friends of the American Documentary Film Festival and acknowledge them here.  Each donor listed below has generously contributed during our 2013-14 Fund Drive.  Without them, much of what we do would not be possible.





Justin Blake

Kathie Browne

Marc Cohen & Melissa Ingalls

Henry Doering

Dennis Gabriel

David Money

Chris Hiti

Varouj John Jebian

Maynard Orme

Joan Pasco

Miles Stumbaugh

Kare Morelli

Christina Campagnola

Kristi Cooper

Zachary Kerschberg

Robbie Roy

Dan Steadman

Jack Webster