What they're saying about the American Documentary Film Festival

We've heard a lot of great things from filmmakers, special guests, performers, attendees and many others over the years.  Here are just a few examples of what people are saying about the American Documentary Film Festival, in their own words.

Michael Hersch,

The Sudden Pianist

"I don't know if I ever properly thanked the AmDocs team for such a wonderful experience in Palm Springs. And not just for myself, but for my wife and daughter too. We'll always remember it. Your interest in contemporary music and [The Sudden Pianist] in particular was very moving to me, and I will not soon forget the experience of watching the film in such remarkable surroundings. Up until that point I had only seen it once on a 10-inch computer screen with terrible speakers. The forum which you provided for the film allowed me to see it in the manner [director] Richard Anderson intended, and also made me appreciate the vision and sensibility you brought to the Festival overall - not just for selecting this film (which I think most festivals wouldn't have the courage to do) - but also in selecting so many of the other remarkable films I saw."

Sarah Sellman,

American Bear

"Thank you so much to the AmDocs team for the wonderful experience!  It was amazing to be at the film festival for a second straight year and see how greatly the festival has already grown.


"Your encouragement and support of our film [American Bear: An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers] has been so incredible from the very beginning.  Being at AmDocs has already taught us so much.  Keep up the great work!"

Lydia B. Smith,

Walking the Camino

"Dear AmDocs team - I just wanted to thank you again for creating and organizing such a great festival.  I so appreciated all the networking events that were organized for us, and am so very grateful and thrilled to receive the [2013 Audience Favorite - Best American Film] award [for Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago]!  Thank you."

Zachary Kerschberg, filmmaker

Beauty Factory

"Our hats are off!  AmDocs is already the premiere doc festival on the west coast!  The strength in programming, attention to filmmakers, and outreach to the community make it a rare and wonderful event in the film world.  To premiere our first feature doc, Beauty Factory, was a privilege. It looked and sounded great!  Afterwards I was literally approached on the streets, at bars, and in cafes to continue the Q&A. To make one lasting relationship at a festival makes it worth it; at AmDocs I made nearly a dozen, with a new collaboration already on the horizon. And we are now negotiating the worldwide VOD release of Beauty Factory for November 1, 2013!  I couldn’t recommend this festival enough. Thank you AmDocs!"

Matthew Hashiguchi, filmmaker

Good Luck Soup

"Dear AmDocs team - I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the Festival and Film Fund Pitch Session. This was the first time that I felt part of the documentary filmmaking community.


"Wherever my career goes, I'll remember this festival and experience as a special one.  My home stay hosts - Tim and Debbi - were extremely gracious as well. They made me feel part of "the family." 

Ian Midgley,

The Spark

"Thank you for including us in AmDocs and for the generous contribution to The Spark.  We can't wait to present the finished feature at your Festival.  What a great time!"

          Mikolaj Molenda,

          El Sueno

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the invitation for this amazing festival. Movie selection was great and we were honoured to show "El Sueno" in such great company. It was unforgettable experience and we are more then ever motivated to continue our adventure with cinema. Although, we can never repay you all for what you've done for us I hope one day you will visit us in Poland and we will have the opportunity to return the favour and host you and show around in Warsaw.


Many thanks

Mikołaj Molenda and Kuba Łubniewski



MovieMaker magazine,
April 2013

"One of the world's top 25 film festivals worth the entry fee!"


"Located in luxurious Palm Springs, AmDocs aims to be the largest documentary festival on the West Coast. The fest has become renowned for its film fund competition, including a top prize of up to $50,000. Moviemakers can pitch their complete or in-progress work to an industry panel and vie for financing. AmDocs also has a documentary alliance with several festivals (notably in Europe and Latin America), thus facilitating a global “theatrical release” experience for select films."