Trailers - AmDocs 2015

A sampling of trailers for many of our documentary feature films, from The Agreement thru Face 2 Face.

The Agreement

Denmark / Karen Stokkendal Poulsen

Alphée Of The Stars

Canada / Hugo Latulippe


Brazil / Cuba / USA / Bruce Donnelly

American Commune

USA / Rena Croshere & Nadine Mundo

Annie: It's The Hard Knock Life

USA / Joshua Seftel


Antarctica:  A Year On Ice

New Zealand / Anthony Powell


As Time Goes By In Shanghai

Germany / Uli Gaulke


Bible Quiz

USA / Nicole Teeny


USA / Meerkat Media Collective



Finland / Mika Mattila


Deep Love

Poland / Jan P. Matuszyński

The Community (La Comunidad)

Chile / Isabel Miquel


Extinction Soup

USA / Philip Waller

Daughter (Hija)

Chile / María Paz González

Face 2 Face

USA / Katherine Brooks