Schedule for Wednesday, April 3








Wednesday, April 3 Schedule, Palm Springs


9:30 am
Location: Camelot Theatres

11:00 am
(PROGRAM 58) Tasting Wild Alaska, USA, 8min. / King Of Beasts, USA, ISRAEL, 106min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  Two different look at respecting nature and its creatures


11:30 am
(PROGRAM 59) B.A.M., USA, 3min. / Futbol Fever, USA, 4min. / Second To None, USA, 24min. / Lefty, NORWAY, 56min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  The arts and sports play a role in forming the tenets of respect and camraderie as well as personal growth for individuals

12:00 pm

(PROGRAM 60) In The Dark Room, SPAIN, 10min. / The American War, USA, 52min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  A look back at history from two different but equally creative perspectives.

1:30 pm
(PROGRAM 61) Distant Constellation, USA/Turkey/Netherlands, 84min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details: A winner from our DokuFest festival partners in Europe.

2:00 pm
(PROGRAM 62) The Last Reel, USA, 22min / Occupied Cinema, SERBIA, 87min.
Location: Camelot Theatre, Palm Springs
Details:  The Last Picture Show is a phenomenon seen around the world and people are fighting back.

2:30 pm
(PROGRAM 63) Inner, MEXICO, 15min. / The Still Life Of Harley Prosper, MEXICO, CANADA, 65min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details: Some winners from our DocsMX festival partners in Latin America.

4:00 pm

(PROGRAM 64) Rhapsody In Black, USA, 11min. / Noble Sissle's Syncopated Ragtime, USA, 23min. / Chamber Music Wonderland, AUSTRIA, 50min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details: Music, music, music, everyone loves music.  See some films about the importance of music and racial identity.

4:30 pm

Location: Camelot Theatres

5:00 pm

(PROGRAM 65A) Away From Meaning, MEXICO, 88min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  Another winner from our friends at DocsMX.

6:30 pm

(PROGRAM 66) Anyone Can Create An Emoji, USA, 7min. / Going Forward, USA, 16min. / My Paintbrush Bites, USA, 16min. / Lost In Carranza, FRANCE, 23min. / Beneath The Ink, USA, 12min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  An audience favorite selection of #AmDocs2019 Shorts.

7:00 pm

(PROGRAM 67) Ed Asner On Stage and Off, USA, 87min. (Ed Asner to appear)
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  One of entertainment's giants has a story to tell and he will be here to tell it with his new film and in person.

7:30 pm

(PROGRAM 68) The Battle Of The Volcano, MEXICO, EL SALVADOR, 102min.
Location: Camelot Theatres
Details:  DocsMX is the most important docs only festival in Latin America and this is one of their favorites.

8:30 pm

Location: Camelot Theatres